Micro & Macro is heading to EXPO 2020 Dubai

From March 16, the South Moravian Region and the City of Brno proudly present successes of Brno companies in fields of electron microscopy and space industry at EXPO 2020 Dubai. Partners of the Micro & Macro exhibition are: Thermo Fisher Scientific, TESCAN, Delong Instruments and Brno Space Cluster.

Explore the universe and the nanoworld – and win a 3D printer, a drone or an iPhone!

The science and technology of our region has travelled both around the world and beyond the stratosphere. Find out how familiar you are in the world of cosmic bodies and nanostructures, hunt QR codes scattered around Brno and win high-tech prizes or tickets to Brno science institutions. The game is afoot until the end of March!


MICRO MACRO QUIZ - Do you know what has put Brno on the map?

If not, you'll find out soon enough. Each correctly answered question counts as a point, QR scanned counts as 9 points.

You can gain not only a bunch of interesting factoids to amaze colleagues or classmates the main prizes are a 3D printer Prusa i3NK3.S +, a DGI Mavic Air 2 drone or an iPhone 13; every week we also draw winners of tickets to VIDA! science centre and Brno Observatory and Planetarium.


Science and technology are working!

A modified copy of the exhibit from the World Expo in Dubai travels around the region.
In addition, a scientific and technical show will come to the municipalities on the track, where well-known popularizers of science from VIDA will take turns! science centers, shared digital workshops FabLab, Brno observatories and leisure centers Lužánky. Interactive workshops, where visitors will be able to try out 3D printers, microsolders or an electron microscope, will be complemented by a giant nanostructure, a mobile planetarium and interesting scientific experiments. Information on what attractions will come to your village and when you can look forward to it can be found on the tour map

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