The Czech Spring Pavilion in Dubai is teeming with life

15. November 2021
At the beginning of October, the Czech National Pavilion opened at the World's Fair. Thanks to innovative technologies and a rich program, it is talked about by both the EXPO’s VIPs and global media.

During the first month of the EXPO World Fair, the Czech Spring pavilion and the Country for the Future exhibition were visited by 70,000 people, and over 5,000 people come daily on weekends. The Czech pavilion has already been praised by the Commissioners Generals of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Germany, and other organising countries, also by the Secretary of State and brother of the president of the UAE Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and by the Minister for International Cooperation of the UAE Reem Al Hashimi.

The local and foreign media pay great attention to the national pavilion and are particularly interested in the S.A.W.E.R. technology, which makes it possible to obtain water even in extremely dry and hot environments. It has already appeared in several news and journalistic programs of television stations such as Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, but also BBC, CNN and SkyNews, in the Czech Republic ČT and TV Nova.
Among the Czech celebrities, the traveler Jiří Kolbaba, the moderator Leoš Mareš, the fashion designer Osmana Laffita, and the advisory board of the General Commissioner with architects Eva Jiřičná and David Vávra visited the national pavilion.

Several events have already taken place in the national pavilion, such as the centenary of the introduction of the word ROBOT in the world dictionary and the unveiling of the illuminated statue Victoria Robotorum attended by its author Jaroslav Róna. On the Dubai Exhibition Centre podium, the world premiere of the pantomime Robot Radius was performed by Radim Vizváry. Further, two musical ensembles performed in the pavilion during October – the choir of the Music Grammar School and High School of the Prague Academy of Arts and the Gadrew Way String Quartet.

Numerous events will take place in the Terra pavilion in the following weeks, such as an ecumenical and intercultural conference Forum 2000, commemorating the humanistic legacy of Václav Havel, moderated by economist Tomáš Sedláček, and attended by the theologian and professor Tomáš Halík as one of the speakers.

Furthermore, an exhibition dedicated to Czech glassmaking and design "Czech Glass Class & Czech Design" will take place in the pavilion on November 18. The leading companies and partners of the exhibition will attend: In addition to Lasvit, Crystal Caviar, Aveton, and Sans Souci, the company IQ Structures will present its nanotechnology-based work and company Subfossil Oak will showcase their 6,000-year-old oaks.
On November 23, director Karel Žalud's feature documentary "Let There be Water", which gave birth to the S.A.W.E.R. technology.

Take a peek in the pavilion on TV
On Wednesday, November 24 at 10:00 pm, ČT will broadcast the first of half-hour time-lapse films dedicated to the Czech Republic's participation in the EXPO.